The acronym ORM stands for the Online reputation management. It is about restoring your name and your brand’s good standing against all odds. This is done by retorting, eliminating or suppressing any online dirt material found against you or your organization, or both in the internet. A negative material is made weak with more positive material posting. A positive material is made viral for branding.

Who can Tarnish your Online Reputation?

Employees: Yes, you heard it right. Employees can make or mar your reputation. If they are happy, they will prove to be the stepping stone for the growth of your company. But, if contrary becomes correct, they will spew venom against you on online platforms.

Competitors: Your competitors may write negatively about your company at online platforms in order to discredit you and your organization. And the moment you could even become able to know about these nefarious practices, lots of damages could already have been made.

Your Opposition Parties: If you are a popular political figure, you are always vulnerable to the attack made by your opposition parties. The leaders of the opposition parties may try to show you in bad light, especially in election season, in order to get electoral benefit.

Your Fans: If you are a celebrity, you may become a soft target of any of your fans. The fans, in a quest to become popular overnight, use their stars as ladder. They try to link their names with the stars by casting aspersions on their character. And this type of cheap popularity damages the reputation of a popular name.

What we can do for you?

We at IWebFixes are sufficiently experienced and adequately capable to take pre-emptive measure to help your online reputation become immune to any kind of online onslaught. Even if it is already there, we know how to deal with it in the toughest way and ward off any negative perception that might have generated due to the negative comments spread online. There are a number of benefits that we provide to our clients with. Some of these are as follows:

Monitor all Mentions about you or/and your Company: We take a tab on all mentions of you or your company or both on the online platforms and spot/retort to every negative mention the moment it gets surfaced.

Prevent Negativity Spread against you: As we spot negativity at the first place and deal with it strongly, it prevents any disparaging remarks to spread further or become viral.

Generate Positive Impressions: Our services are not concerned with neutralizing the negativity spread against you only. We rather do also create more positive impressions about you and your company on various online platforms, including social media.

Entertain Genuine Complaint: We are sensitive to the genuine complaint made by your clients against you and we are capable enough to segregate between a genuine complaint and the malicious one. Whenever any genuine complaint comes against our clients, we let them know and try to achieve consensus by addressing the issue.

Remove Negative Videos: We have done it before for a number of individuals, corporate and professionals and the next one could be you. If your negative or personal video has gone to the web, you no longer have to feel dejected and rejected. We will remove these videos from all the sources and help you restore your dignity.

Branding: It is not that we come for your rescue only when anything unfortunate comes on your way. Even if your online image is sacrosanct, but you want to make your name or your company’s name more popular than it was before, we will prove to be equally instrumental for you. We will make you a brand name and make you speak through the minds of your target audience.

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