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What is Web Desiging?

The term design invokes a process of collecting ideas and aesthetically arranging and implementing them. In order to make these arrangements, certain principles are followed. Web designing is also a similar process of creating a website and decorating the content on electronic web pages so that its target users can access it through net by using a web browser. However, the web designing of today focuses on more than a visual aspect. It encompasses abstract elements as well in order to simplify the use of website and help the end users find information faster.

Essentials of Modern-day Web Designing:-

There are a number of key visual elements that are indispensable for the web designing of today. Some of these are as follows:

Layout: A web designing is not deemed to be good unless it proves to be helpful in finding the information on the website at first glance. And in order to achieve this objective, layout becomes very important. Simply put, layout is the way the text, graphics and ads are arranged. These arrangements are made taking into consideration the integrity of the design and every effort is made so that there could not be any tinkering with the sanctity of design.

Color: The color is not something like one-size-fits-for-all. While deciding on the colour the personality of a person, brand of an organization, etc. are taken into consideration. The web-safe colours are used to depict the organization or person in the most eloquent way. The range of color may be simple black-and-white to the multi-coloured design.

Graphics: The term graphics encompass photos, logos, clipart or icons. All or some of these are used in order to enhance the web designing. And in order to create user friendliness, all these are judiciously utilized taking into consideration the content and color of the web page.

Fonts: A website design gets enhanced considerably with the optimum use of various fonts. However, the web designers of today use the web-safe fonts and work within these acceptable fonts.

Content: Content and design must be in close consonance in order to convey the message of the site unequivocally. The written text, besides being useful and relevant, must be unambiguous so as not to confuse the readers and encourage them to remain on the site. The content written should also be in conformity with the SEO guidelines and it must be optimized for search engines with relevant keywords.


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Website Designing

The web designing of today focuses on more than just a visual aspect of a website. We at IWebFixes, apart from taking into consideration the essentials of a web designing, such as layout, color, graphics, fonts, content, etc., have got mastery over a number of websites, such as E-commerce website, portfolio website, multilingual website, mobile responsive website and redesigning.

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Web Development

Web development happens to be the back end of a particular website. The whole objective of web development is to make the website thoroughly functional and user friendly. We at IWebFixes exhaust all our available resources to develop a website that is both feature-rich and user-friendly and best work as a first point of contact for its prospective customers.

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Digital marketing or internet marketing is a kind of marketing that uses internet as a dominant promotional medium. This form of marketing has become an integral part of almost every business establishment, regardless of its size. We at IWebFixes provide almost all types of digital marketing services, SEO, PPC, Email and Newsletters, Social media marketing to name a few.

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Mobile application or app is a kind of software that is designed to run on a mobile device, such as smartphone. Having mobile application has become the need of every business establishment of today. We provide the mobile Aps that appear in the same way in any platform, gets downloaded with amazing quick and is very much cost effective.

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POS Software Development

The POS Software that we develop proves to be extremely essential for all those who are in retail or hospital businesses. Our software tends to run on range of operating systems that include but not limited to DOS, Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.

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Internet Marketing

We are endowed with the comprehensive understanding of individual requirements of a company and have the insight of a digital marketing service that will best serve its purpose. And this is one of the important reasons why we are not among the masses, but among the selected few.

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Pay Per Click ( PPC)

Our PPC campaigns are the surfeit ways to generate maximum traffic in minimum cost. We help our clients right from choosing the right keywords to maximize their websites’ traffic.

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