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For a commercial entity, having a website is like its primary key through which it gets acquainted with, rated, reviewed and evaluated. And for a website building web development and designing are its two important parts like a head and tail of a coin. Though both these terms are often used interchangeably, but indeed these are two fundamentally different aspects that necessitate unique skill sets.

Web development happens to be the back-end of the website. It focuses on how the website will work and how the customers will be able to navigate through it and make purchases. Simply put, the whole objective of web development is to make the website functional. Another term, web designing encompasses the process of synchronizing the ideas and aesthetically arranging and implementing them for a specific purpose. Some key visual elements of web designing include layout, color, fonts and content.

We at Marlynbite do not strive to provide you web development and designing services that catches your eyes, because we have the mastery over it. What we strive for is to make your website your best salesperson, as at the end of the day, what matters is the sale. We exhaust all our potentials to make your website effective enough so that it can speak through the minds of your prospective clients and expand your business exponentially. We have a team of highly skilled, qualified, knowledgeable and experienced web developers and designers who are competent and equipped sufficiently to visualize your sites with sales perspectives and build a website that is not only a wow in looks, but is also capable to convert visitors into customers.

Needless to say that substantial number of website visitors (more than 70 per cent) use mobile. Building a fully responsive websites with intelligent user interface is our forte. The websites that we build are easy-to-read, gets loaded in a fraction of second, and takes minimal amount of time while navigating on a broad range of gadgets including desktop, laptop, android, iPhone, tablets, etc. The websites that we make, adapts to various screen resolutions and deliver an experience that is quite amazing, no matter what is the device and the browsing environment.

Our web designing team knows the way the text, graphics and ads are arranged. Our professionals arrange all these in a way so that the visitors can find the information they are willing to seek at very first glance. Our professionals use web-safe colors that conveys the personality of our client, or the brand of an organization. All the graphics that include logos, icons, photos, clipart, etc. are placed appropriately in order to enhance user friendliness. Apart, our content that are written in web-safe fonts, are useful and relevant. In addition to thse, these are optimized for search engines and are of suitable length having relevant keywords.

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Our EPOS Services are the integrated system of hardware and software that make a comprehensive analysis of the modus operandi of the business of our clients while providing an efficient and effective way to track sales and other important details.

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We at IWebFixes create E-commerce Website for all those entrepreneurs who want to touch new height in their respective businesses. We suggest them the platform on which they should make the website and chalk out the measures that will help them make a robust start online. We exhaust all our resources to ensure that the product or services of our clients speak through the minds of its prospective clients worldwide over the internet.

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We at IWebFixes make a website based on the Content Management System that enables its authorized users to edit, modify or publish the content of a website from a central interface. Resultantly, it helps a website remain fresh with the page updates and paves the way for better Search Engine Optimization.

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Offshore team means the team that is located in a different country. We have offshore team that helps us continue the work on the other side of the world when we are sleeping. It is because of the offshore team that we have, we are able to deliver the best services to the clients and that too within the stipulated period of time.

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We at IWebFixes develop mobile application to promote brand and reaching out maximum number of customers, thereby cutting the marketing costs(like investment on printed media, SMSs, tele-media and the likes) significantly.

We develop the latest mobile applications having all the features of today keeping into consideration the products or/and services of our clients. Our applications prove to be the most effective interface between our clients and their customers.

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Our Customized Web Applications are designed to increase the business and augment the sales ratio. Our applications help our clients gain a competitive edge and reach the pre-determined goals and objectives.

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So if you were waiting for the perfect time to seize this opportunity, the time is now. Call us at (+91) 991-135-8120.